Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ben And Jerry's Loses A Customer

Over at Mediate they're discussing Ben And Jerry's recent announcment of their $2,000,000 grants they plan to give away to the Occupy Wall Street loons.

Goes to show, that if you scream loud enough and have enough of a tantrum...people just give you want you want: Generation Cupcake and the adults that both spawned it and are now too deep in it to discipline they do what they've always done: give them more money. They buy them the toy they're screaming about in the toy store aisle. They give them the car keys because they yelled long enough.  Accountability, self-reliance, hard work and ethics.  All things baby-boomers never bothered instilling in their children so we have a generation of this:

I for one have purchased my last Ben and Jerry's product.

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