Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Inspiration Of Good Authors

Vince Flynn
I'm drawn to conservative fiction and non-fiction writers like Michael Connelly, , Tom Wolfe, Tom Clancy etc.

I decided to start reading Vince Flynn - given all the hype and die-hard fanaticism I've been hearing about the guy.  So I picked up Kill Shot the other day, because that's the one all over the radio lately.

Once I started doing some research, I saw he's written a large amount of books based around this CIA spook, Mitch Rapp.  Much as Clancy wrote Jack Ryan featured books as developed his character.  The first Mitch Rapp book is Rapp's chronological life is "Transfer of Power" followed by The Third Option and then thirdly, Separation of Power.  Then followed by 7-10 more.

Act Of Treason, #7 Chronologically

Here's a short section of his bio from IMDB.com:
Flynn soon created an idea for a book, which would grow into his first best-seller, "Term Limits". Pocket Books seized the opportunity to work with this truly talented storyteller. Realizing that Flynn also had an enormous potential with a national audience, Pocket Books published Term Limits in hardcover 1998. Reviewers instantly hailed Flynn's non-stop action and storytelling as outpacing genre leaders David Baldacci and Tom Clancy. Readers agreed, and when the mass market paperback of Term Limits was released in 1999, it spent several weeks on The New York Times bestseller list. Pocket Books followed this initial success with Flynn's 1999 hardcover, "Transfer of Power", which also garnered wonderful reviews, and when it was released a few months later in mass market paperback, it too spent several weeks on The New York Times bestseller list. In the fall of 2000, "The Third Option" was published and instantly landed on The New York Times bestseller list as well, solidifying Flynn's reputation as a master of the political thriller.
You know how people say, "I couldn't put the book down"?  Well, I mean it.  I couldn't put Transfer of Power down. I read it in two sittings. Once before bed, and then as soon as I woke up - straight through lunch and done.

Incredible book.  I can't recommend it enough and I'm only just more excited to read the rest of this guy's stuff.  He is as spot on as it gets.  He sees the big picture and articulates it incredibly, unlike anyone else I've heard in a long, long time.

Please pick up a book from him...(it would be nice if you used a link above, I might get a nickel for it)...but you owe it to yourself.  You know you're not along when you read this guy.

Some interviews with The Man:

This one is about an hour long, but worth every minute.  I envision Vince in politics, though I'm sure politics sicken him - it's probably simply wishful thinking on my part.

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  1. I would like to say something.

    The women speaking at the begeining of the third video is gorgeous. Librarian meets cougar.


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