Thursday, March 8, 2012

Here Come The Obama Harvard Videos!

The Andrew Breitbart "Obama Harvard Videos" are sure to be awesome, amazing, incredible, spectacular, enlightening and all that other good stuff (yet will be completely ignored ignored by the media (therefor leaving the ABC, NBC, CBS, PMSNBC, CNN viewers further uninformed - just the way liberals like them).

Not only did Obama sit for 20 years in a church vitriolic, racist hate-group whining about Whitey and oppressed he was, he was a radical (SHOCKING!) while attending the elitist Harvard.  In my world, "Harvard" and "Oppressed" don't go together.  But hey, if ya got the cards, play 'em.

One of his radical professor mentors, Derrick Bell, has acknowledged covering up the tapes during the 2008 election (lots of coverups in this administration, no?).  I'm sure he was doing so for the betterment of the country...certainly not just so he could get to see a brother in the White House.

Most radical leftists always put their own agendas aside and do what's moral and right, regardless of the color of one's skin or political views.  After all, they are the party of equality and tolerance.  Right?

Anyways.  The first Breitbart videos are starting to surface.  It's my belief that any damage the GOP is currently doing to itself with this ridiculous primary will be undone when America gets a glimpse of exactly who it is they promoted to the highest office in the land.  A rich, protesting moron elitist. In what the media are calling a "rally in support of racial equality", Obama is really at a "protest about black oppression and how evil white people are" least conservative white people. Twist those words Liberals...twist 'em up good!

Obama: “And I remember that the black law students had organized an orientation for the first-year students. And one of the — persons who spoke at that orientation was Professor Bell. And I remember him sauntering up to the front and not giving us a lecture, but engaging us in a conversation and speaking the truth and telling us that he [inaudible] to learn at this place that I’ve carried with me ever since. Now how did this one man do all this? How has he accomplished all this? He hasn’t done it simply by his good looks and easy charm — although he has both in ample measure. He hasn’t done it simply because of the excellence of his scholarship, although his scholarship has opened up new vistas and new horizons and changed the standards of what legal writing is about. Open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell.”
Fairly innocuous video, nothing too radical, right?  Speaking from beyond the grave, the genius that is Andrew Breitbart had a plan, and so do the men that have taken up his reigns.  Little by little, these videos are going to get more and more damaging to President Downgrade.  Let him piss his pants wondering which one is going to appear next.  Which terrorist will he be seen screaming into a megaphone with?  With which murderer will we see him painting protest signs?

But look at the LiberalStream Media go nutty already:

They know what's coming. Their cozy little relationship with Barry is coming to an end and they're panic stricken.  It's fantastic.

Here's a grainy version of Barry and Derrick hugging each other:

I cannot wait for the release of all these videos.  This is just the beginning folks, it's only going to get better!

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  1. Well Paul, I'll give him ONE thing. I didn't see a sign of a teleprompter.

    Dude could (at least at one time) speak from his heart. Come to think of it, he probably still can...if he's praising a Marxist.


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