Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Pull List for March 28, 2012

Grade: A

Grade: C- Big drop from first issue. Listless, hard to follow, nudity for nudity's sake. Will give it another issue.

Grade C- OMG A MARVEL/BENDIS EVENT! I HAVEN'T SEEN ONE OF THESE IN YEARS!! I'm sure they'll keep it self contained...pfft.

Haven't read this finale yet. But the entire series has been an A+, I doubt the ending will be any different.

Grade: B+

Grade: A+ What a cover!

Grade: A Marvel: If you kill this title you lose me.

Grade: A++ One of the best titles on the stands. Image is on top right now.

Grade: B

Grade: B Well, Robert "I Pad For Trade, Fuck Tony Moore, It's All Mine!" Kirkman finally did something...what's it been? 15 issues since he shot Carl's eye off? But still, notice you always have to wait until the last page for that thing to actually happen?

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