Saturday, March 31, 2012

Paolo Rivera Is Brilliant

The new Daredevil series is amazing. Mark Waid has drafted a genius turn for The Man Without Fear and the art has been amazing, with a particular nod to Paolo Rivera's cover work.

Each issue popped off the shelves.  Good covers are a lost art, imo.  When people are scooping up mailed in stuff like this:

That's not good cover work, imo.  Bendis and Romita have mailed in the entire Avengers title, and Bendis has utterly and completely destroyed every Avengers title he's touched since the renumbering.

This, however, brilliant:

I'm not one very easily given over to hyperbole, but I believe this is not only the best cover of 2012, but the best cover in 15 years.  Perhaps one of the most beautiful covers of all time.

I challenge you to find a cover that is not only gorgeous, but reflects the actual story inside.

You'll be hard-pressed.

But let's see your submissions.

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