Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scary People On Twitter

As a Conservative, I tend to run with a conservative crowd.  Be it on real life, blogs, IRC, Twitter etc.

However, with social media being what it is, and how close we all can be now - just a reminder that people are still scary.

I logged into Twitter on my phone and noticed someone had re-tweeted something I post a few times a month.  Note the date.

The other day, I see this:

NoMoreBo must have liked that tweet because he retweeted it...but removed my name from it so that it appeared to be his own.

I told him to knock it off. I drove to work and decided to look through his tweets, he had already deleted the stolen tweet, but hadn't said a word.

Once I was actually wading through his tweet history, scary stuff.

So, the next time you find yourself asking why Liberals think we're all racists, hate-filled morons, read his tweets.  It's because they concentrate on guys like him.

And, should I be scared that he thought so highly of my "coexist" point that he felt the need to plagiarize it?  I'm nothing like this nutjob.

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