Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Values, And The Man That Raised Me

Yesterday, in emailing with my father, I asked him how the voting went in my old home town.

This was his he told me:
I told the first lady I needed a Republican ballot to do my part to save the country.

She applauded me.

The second lady, when I was checking out, said that I couldn't vote because I was an undeclared voter and did not declare. I told her that I declare and took a Republican ballot.

Some guy in charge came over to inquire what the problem was. She said that I couldn't vote because I didn't declare.

I asked if she was a Democrat and trying to keep her man in office. She doesn't want me to vote to get the country back on its feet.

He agreed with me and on my way out the first lady gave me the thumbs up.

That's why I vote.
That is why I love my father. I hope I can be a tenth of the man and father he is.

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