Thursday, April 26, 2012

Boston Comicon


I had a great time at the Boston Comicon this past weekend.  I met some amazingly creative minds.  I also met some creators that gave me a great deal of fun and entertainment in my childhood. Al Jaffee & Paul Coker Jr. from MAD magazine were there and it was an honor meeting them.  If you don't remember Fold-ins you haven't lived.  

Artists, like Michael Goldman, who worked on G.I. Joe and The 'Nam.  Artists like Ed McGuiness, who had the longest line by far, accommodated every single person that he met with a smile and small chit-chat.  It was a great time. Most of the creators are always a pleasure to meet - comic book writers are a different breed. They appreciate their fans and cons are the living proof.  In no other industry do you see something like this.  There's no Hollywood-con, no Rock and Roll-con. 

Are there prima-donnas? Absolutely. There is a rotten apple in every bunch, but there's no way that apple can spoil what the other creators give us.  They give us, week in and week out, escape.  I sit in my cube 5 days a week, grinding away but I know every Wednesday these guys and gals, these storytellers...give us all something to look forward to.

At the end of the day, as I'm driving home, there's one creator that made the most lasting impression. I probably spent the better portion of an hour talking to Victor Toro, the creator behind Toro Comics.

Walking down the aisle his book and set up jumped out at me...(the fact that he had a his beautiful girlfriend there didn't hurt either :) ).  From movies to music, from kids to kung-fu we talked.  

His were the first books I read when I got home.  You can also check them out at His stuff is worth every penny.

They made my con worth it.  My regret?  Not getting a picture with them so that I could say, "I knew him when...". :)

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