Thursday, April 26, 2012


Cost for a fucking weekend pass to Boston Comicon: $35

Cost of getting a fucking awesome Hulk sketch from Skottie Young: $60

Cost of coming home from work to see that your fucking wife had destroyed the piece: 4 fucking years off my life expectancy

"I'll just put these blankets in my husbands closet. But where? Oh, here on top of this 'paper'. I'm sure this stuff has nothing to do with where he was all weekend".


  1. Paul...that was the funniest fucking post I've read in a coon's age!!!

    Seriously, a classic...

  2. Forgot to add:

    Price for 2 days of fucking parking: $72.00

  3. HEH! Well...they did "Pave Paradise" so you'd be able to.

    I'm sure it was well worth the 72 bucks to stick it back in Joni's face.



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