Saturday, April 7, 2012

Iran And Their Lies

Combine Ronald Reagan and the blog Proof Positive and you'll find yourself dealing with some categorical truth.

Reagan was a man ahead of his time, much like George W. Bush (minus his pandering to the Left towards the end of his second term).  Just as history has uncovered the truth and depth of Reagan's brilliance, the same will be done regarding Bush 43.

Bush's foreign policy will be viewed as visionary and the Middle East will be a different place because of his faculty to see the world for what it was and where it was headed.  And the, pardon the Gorilla Monsoon phrase, the intestinal fortitude, to do something about it.

Anyway...Proof Positive showed me a great political cartoon today with the post title of "To Paraphrase Reagan, We can Trust the Iranians... to Act Like Iranians"

The Iranians, besides being utter fucking loonballs, know the US will do nothing to them with out a blessed UN approval (a useless organization that undermines us yet which gladly accepts our funding for which they would be unable to operate to begin with). Iran also has two very powerful powerful countries looking out for them: China & Russia.

These two countries have their deal with the devil and their comeuppance will be just.

Anyway, as PP's post says better in 0 words than I can than can I approximately 300, we can trust them to be nothing more than what they are: a country of mis-leaders, tyrant, fools and hatemongers.

Anyway, Iran tried shutting down the Hormuz Strait before. It didn't work out very well, as Israel (a real country) set them back 22 years.

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