Monday, April 30, 2012

Twitter, Chris Loesch & Why Liberals Hate Free Speech

Pull out your barf bag.

If you're not aware of what's going on over at Twitter, take a gander at this:

You can catch up on what this garbage is all about thanks to the ever diligence of the brilliant Michelle Malkin...
Just as with @FreeMarket_US last week, Twitter has suspended the account of conservative Chis Loesch. Chis is the husband of talk radio host and CNN contributor Dana Loesch and is very active on Twitter. Once again, Twitter’s reasons for suspending Chris’s account are not clear. (Twitchy)
Apparently, Dana Loesch @DLoesch has an opinion that liberals don't like and it married to Chris Loesch.  When the above puke-tweet went out, Chris defended his wife.  Liberals didn't like that and organized a massive group to flag all his posts as spam. They have a history of doing this.  Twitter then suspended his account.

Check out some of these idiot liberals bragging about what they've done.

You see, in Twitter you have the ability to "flag" a tweet as spam.  Most rational, normal contributing members of society do this when they get...uhm...spammed...not when they see an opinion with which they disagree.  So, the above post is perfectly acceptable, yet being conservative...not so much.

Twitter wised up and reinstated his account after #FreeChrisLoesch started trending worldwide.

Unfortunately, began trending worldwide at 12:36am this morning (not even one hour after progressive liberals stifled free speech) after Dana tweeted that Chris had been targeted and suspended again!!

All is not lost, except for all of Chris' followers.  According to Dana, Chris is working with the Twitter engineers to make this stop. Hopefully Twitter examines closely their algorithms that allow something like this to happen.

The lesson here cannot be any clearer: The enemy is among us. Liberals are going to lose their man in November, they have been exposed as the hate filled hive-minded mob they are, they've lost their placid media and they can do nothing other than stop pretending to be hate filled and simply be open about it.

They are disgusting and stand against everything that makes this country great. Liberals are a clear and present danger to everything you may hold dear...especially your speech. Your speech has exposed them.

They are losing.

And they are losing without an ounce of dignity.

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