Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Holy Shit I Hate This Guy

While playing with the TT I found a picture of this guy and I want to punch him in his fucking daddybag.

I see dudes, using that term tenderly (pun intended), all the time. The purse I haven't seen as much but the tight jeans and stupid shoes, some stupid shirt that's an advertisement for a pretend truck stop or athletic complex (for which they paid $29.99 at Hot Topic or Newbury Comics) are everywhere.

I bet you these people smell, too. I can't say for sure because I never stand too close, but they look like they fucking stink. They always have an acne problem and they need to go get a god damn hair cut, too.  There's no way these filthy philistines can't stink...their balls must be so fuggin sweaty and stuck to their thighs and dirty and shit....ugh. Fuck these slobby momos and their slag draggletail girlfriends.

I was sick and tired of the hipster "ironic clothing phase", but once they added this type of legwear to the overall look, I became enraged.  I thought it was fading, but this asshole came along and this "fashion" has simply gotten out of control.

I mean, look at THIS fucking doucher! Jesus Christ! That guy is the biggest asshole walking the earth.  There is no doubt about it.  He wins (or loses, whichever these "ironic" idiots think is worse).

Oh yeah, and don't forget you have to drink shitty beer like PBR now, cuz it's so bad it's good.

Asshat stickfucks.

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