Friday, May 4, 2012

If You're Having One Of Those Days...

I work in IT. I support 150 local users and 400 international users.

Our company is cheap. There are two "me"s in the entire country. We have a Linux Administrator, a Network Administrator and two Desktop and one in an Asian country.

So work can be busy some days. A good part of my day is "triaging" the user issues.  A dead computer is more important than someone that is having a pop up error or some such.  I have to get that user up and running ASAP before I can deal with a user that is already up and running but just experiencing a minor issue.

Out of those 550 computer users.  Approximately 70 of them think they are the only employees that work here.  So when they are having those minor issues, they fail to understand that if I didn't run to them immediately, I must be sitting at my desk playing Minesweeper instead of serving them like the fucking royalty they are.

That was a long way to go to get to my point.


On days like this I play, no I fucking blast, my "Let It Out Bro" playlist on Winamp or Audiogalaxy. Sometimes a certain band just nails it for that day. They just sound perfect and capture what I need to bring my anxiety down a notch. That bands today, in fact even this past month or so has been Allegaeon. These guys fucking shred.


To borrow a quote from Jack Black talking about another band, Allegaeon is "one of those bands that has a deep reservoir of rocket sauce". They've got enough in the above album to fill your head for while, which is why I said: "this past month or so".  They've been on repeat and they just keep giving.  The album doesn't stop. You hear something, then you hear something else you didn't even hear before.

It's hard to stand out in the "Death Metal" genre.  That's why these guys are much, MUCH more than death metal.  Considered, by some, in the death metal sub-genre of "Technical Melodic" - they have a ton to offer.

If this album is any indication, May 8th can't come fast enough. Their next full length, Formshifter, will be released.

I can't wait.  But there's enough gems and easter eggs on FoFaF to last a lifetime.

Thanks made my work week a little better...and the fucksticks a little easier to deal with.

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