Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Comics Are More Than Comics

Strange title for a blog post but I'll get there, I know.  I'm a strange guy with strange views. Don't want government in our lives (stay out of gay marriage, let companies fall where they may), but I don't believe not helping my fellow man.  Just fly some planes when the bad guys come around, and stay out of my paycheck.

I'm a Social Moderate and a Fiscal Conservative.  A Classical Liberal.
Anyway, besides the fucking point totally.

A book came out called "Epic Kill" Raffaele Ienco. The guy did everything from lettering to scripting to layouts to pencils to covers to inks to writing a nice page in the back about his love for this new series.  When a writer shows his love for a series, it always comes through.

Most of these guys mail it in until the big boss says, "Hey, let's make a huge crossover and milk our base!" <cough>Brian Bendis<cough> or mail in their art until said epic, world changing crossover comes along <cough> John Romita Jr.<cough>.  They don't love their books.

Creators owned books like Epic Kill and Raffaele's previous work "Devoid Of Life" (which I need to buy ASAP after reading Epic Kill.

When these books comes out, I get to sit back and escape for a bit.
Raffaele Ienco wrote, drew, penciled, lettered, drew the cover for, sweat all over, and basically put all his effort into it and that is to be commended.  There isn't a single contributor to this book other than Raffaele Ienco.
I'm glad and thankful for Image Comics giving these artists a platform to produce their work. Image is on the top right now...ask any LCS.

It's because of their attitude towards guys like Raffaele Ienco and their attitude towards creativity.

Thank you Raffele.

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