Saturday, June 2, 2012

Need Help Looking For A Movie

So, there's a movie - I know I'm going to be vague but this is all I got so I apologize.

A mob boss, this is the most important because he's the funniest part of the whole movie (someone like Caan, Palminteri, Frank Vincent) has two or three of his goons out looking for "the bag of money", "the dead body", "the witness", the MacGuffin or whatever it is.

They call him every know and then, telling him of their failure to get this item and he berates them. The goons might be in Miami or the Bahamas or something, but he's up in his office in NYC.

The actor who is playing the boss is who makes the movie. His tirades are hysterical.

The movie is well known, but not a Blockbuster...more of a sleeper.

That's all I've got, I know it's a complete lack of information...but I need to get this movie because I remember it always making me laugh.


  1. Paul, I am a cinematic nothing rings a bell.

    but, maybe this will help.


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