Monday, July 2, 2012

Right Click To Find Wallpaper Exact Location

If you're like me, you appreciate a good wallpaper. You may also be using Windows 7's built in rotation application.  If you don't know about that, go drive around for a little bit.

I have a huge wallpaper collection and rotate them out every 24 hours.  Sometimes one comes up that I really like and had always wanted to find that image in my huge collection so that I could rate it...with the idea that I would create a collection of my favorite/highest rated pictures.

Trouble was that the collection of images was so cast, it was nearly impossible to find that exact image.

Then I came across a cool trick (hat tip to that gave me the extreme power to right click an empty area on my desktop, choose "Desktop Background File Location" and watch as Windows Explorer open up and beeline itself right to the directory and highlight the picture.

I could then tag it with my 1-5 star rating and smile and my monitor.

If you would like to join me in this epicness, download and extract it to a directory of your choosing. I used my C:\Program Files (x86) directory just so that my download directory doesn't get cluttered. You really shouldn't use your desktop, My Documents or the built in Downloads directories for storing'll slow down the computer.  Good housekeeping, in my opinion is to create folders in C:\ and then create a library pointing to it.  Those other directories should just be used as staging areas.

Anyway...move the file 'WPTargetDir.vbs' into C:\Windows.  Then just double click 'add.reg' to add the keys to your registry.  Make sure you don't back up your registry first in case something goes wrong, you want to make sure you lose all your data.

Then check it out:


You can always thank me...if you're so inclined:

My life is shit so it's worth a shot, eh?

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