Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Awesome Phone App

SkySpy is an app I found whilst whittling away my ways.

You point your phone (haven't tried it on my Transformer yet) at the sky and it will show you any aircraft activity in the vicinity.  These are all just pictures from the app's website, btw, and they are accurate.  No BS.

Type of craft, speed, heading, flight number etc.  It, as you can see above, will sometimes show a picture of the exact airplane as it even pulls down the registration number of the plane.

Some kind of a real time HUD of visible aircraft flying low enough, with their positions and flight numbers. Careful of those Chem-Trails.

More awesomeness it gives you.

Here's the cloud cover I'm currently sitting under:

Can't see shit up there...but I pointed it and instantly showed me three aircraft information.  I'm not sure if it's possible to look up flight numbers, (I'm betting it is)...but I'll be playing around with this and checking Logan's website to see just how accurate this cool toy is.

Like I said, I just got I don't know the difference between paid and free - but here's to hoping it's just ads.

This is a really cool app.

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