Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Politics And Art

The other night, I was flipping through channels on the television and came across this Russell Brand person who seems to have managed to get his own talk show.  I didn't know there was a demand for his presence.

I could smell him through the television. Honestly it seems this guy hasn't showered or bathed in ages.

His particular guest that night was the street graffiti maker Shepard Fairey, the guy that made the Hope poster for Obama.  In their idiotic drivel back and forth I think I heard terms like "genius" and whatnot.  The guy could barely put a valid point together...but hey he likes Obama, we live in a world where someone like Obama got elected, street urchins who aide in urban decay are made into "artistic geniuses '" and someone like Russell Brand is famous, so it didn't matter.

It got me to remembering how empty Obama's campaign was. "Hope", "Change", "Yes We Can"...these vague, feel-a-chill-up-my-leg bits of idiot opium he fed to the electorate.

It also got me to thinking how lazy Americans are. If it looks good and sounds good, then it must be good.  No need to think about the issues...just vote for him.  No need to realize that Fairey's nothing but a graffiti vandal...his poster looked nice so he must be a genius.

Then I was perturbed enough by all of this that I went out and looked at some political posters over at rightposters.com.

THESE are what people need!  Substance, with style! Not simply style.  One can extrapolate that philosophy out and apply it to the fact that we need a president that isn't full of nothing but pretty colors.  Someone that's thrived, done something in that oh so hated private sector (you know, where we all live) and is living proof that the American Dream does in fact exist and can still be attained.

Obama would regulate everything if he could.  Regulating the private sector equates to power and control.  Power and control in the hands of anyone can be dangerous.  That power and control wielded by someone who doesn't have our interests at heart is downright deadly.

So, conservative or not...go over and take a look at them.  Read them.  Grasp the concepts behind them.  You inherently understand the majority of them, if you're conservative.  But I would hope that if you're liberal these messages sink in.  That you're able to see past your own nose and your own interests and realize we're all Americans and we cannot have the American Dream regulated into oblivion.

If that happens, the American Dream would no longer be something you and I can pursue.  It would be turned into a physical entity for which we would need to fill out an application and pay a fee.  Like a country club, where those in power let their friends in while keeping others out.

We cannot afford to allow the American Dream in the hands of an enemy who would weaponize it.  One who would weaponize it, turn it on us and pull the trigger, splitting us right down the middle - divided.

You would truly, honestly, never be able to "build that".

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