Saturday, September 29, 2012

Christian Bale Is One Of Our More Underrated Actors Today

This guy's body of work is so under-appreciated it boggles my mind.  From American Psycho to Terminator Salvation to The Fighter to the Batman series...he's an awesome presence on the screen. 

I've yet to see a movie with him in in that I don't like. He steals every scene of every movie.

In Public Enemies he didn't get top billing, but should have.  His role was deeper and richer than was Depp's.


  1. I couldn't agree more.
    He also did great in The Machinist but all people talk about is the weight loss.

  2. And *I* couldn't agree more. It's odd that you mention The Machinist, because I'm watching it as we speak.

    The weight loss, while proof of dedication to his craft, isn't what the guy is all about. His roles are so diverse, rich and full of immersion into who he's playing they deserve nothing more than the highest of praise.

    He reminds me of a Steve McQueen. When filming The Magnificent Seven, McQueen upset Brynner because of what Brynner perceived as attempts to upstage him (things like using his hat to gauge the sun, shaking his shotgun shells next his ear, dipping his hat in the river as they crossed it). None of those things were in the script, they were just things McQueen did to more vividly create a dynamic character.

    Now, Bale does these things as well. Watch him in 3:10 To Yuma (awesome, awesome movie) and pay particular attention to the "little things".

    The guy is brilliant...and steals every movie he's in. But also knows when to yield to the scene if needed.


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