Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scott Brown vs. Professor Elizabeth Warren

Scott Brown
Elizabeth Warren, the Not-So-Native-American, plucked from complete and utter obscurity to fight Senator Scott Brown for "The People's Seat", is a Dodo Bird.  She's completely unable to fly on her own. A species the likes of which can only be produced in Massachusetts, with a particularly large concentration in the Cambridge region.

The most pathetic candidate I've ever seen run for political office in this state, from either party, is probably the most unqualified do-nothing I've ever seen.  Considering people like Farney Brank, John Oliver and Cadillac Deval run (or have run) this state, that's saying a lot.

Her ads are nothing but uninformed MA residents saying she's "gone up against 'big banks'" and "wall street", fighting for "the little guy" and "opposing tax breaks for millionaires".  Standard empty, buzz-words used simply to get the #ObamaPhone folks to fill the oval next to her name without, they pray, looking at her actual body of work.

A body of work that contains, for example:
  1. Warren says she's a champion of the working man and woman.  However her actions, which we all know speak louder than words, show a much different person.  In 1995, Warren was employed as a lawyer for LTV Steel.  She was taken on to help the company help find a way for them to legally avoid $140 million in retirement benefits to employees. She claims she was trying to protect the bankruptcy system, not do a favor for some unscrupulous "big corporation".  Aren't liberals supposed to hate these "big corporations"?  I know that's one of their buzzwords, so why did she feel so differently about this one?
  2. In her role in Travelers v. Bailey, Warren played a key counsel role and secured $212,000 over three years to represent them. Warren was brought on to ensure Traveler's Insurance didn't pay out on a Supreme Court $500 million trust to victims of asbestos poisoning.  Warren was there to ensure that bankrupt companies couldn't be hit with too many lawsuits if they've filed for bankruptcy. That's really looking out for the small guy, eh?  But here's the kicker, years later she stated the following:
Professor Fauxcahontas
"My heart goes out to the victims of this terrible, terrible disaster. It’s heart-wrenching that there are new victims every year. I think they should be compensated. That’s it for me. That’s what this is all about.’’
As of right now, no asbestos victim has received anything from the settlement. Warren has managed to create and exploit loopholes that have kept the case dragging through the courts.

While the case is still floating around, many families have had to sit by and watch their loved ones die from asbestos poisoning.  Way to fight for the little man, Professor.  To hear her speak about the case, it's like there's two personalities (probably a disorder that would help a candidate get elected in this state).

Please, people of Massachusetts, vote with your brains for once.

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