Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Liberal Hypocrisy At Its Most Disgusting

Liberals have long likened themselves as the party of tolerance. This designation is something that those who don't get their news from Jonathan Leibovitz (yes, he dropped his last name...shame?) have long known.

I'm going to quote myself and The Schilling Show at length here because the video, while not only speaking for itself, serves to augment what's already been said.

Again, the party that built a military arm and called it the Ku Klux Klan, like a tiger is unable to, can't change its stripes.

From a different post:

We all know the Democratic Party is full of corruption, they were the slavery party - don't ever forget that.  That's fact.  Go look it up, except avoid Wiki*edia...that nugget is so buried in the article surrounded by weasel wording they may as well leave it out.  Wiki*edia is there for the sole purpose of rewriting history for the corrupt liberals anyway, so screw 'em I say. 
Many people like to think slavery has ended, while still saying racism is still alive and well.  They are correct in that racism is alive and well, but it's not where they think it is.  They are also incorrect in saying slavery's been abolished.
So, you've got these people - you tell them they'll get all this free stuff if you continue to do as they say, vote as they say else they lose it all and are forced to "make it on their own".  Perhaps even be subjected to the harsh racism of "job interviews", "school tests" and "not getting stuff for free"...gasp!
Keeping a people subjugated, dependent on social programs, feeding them, clothing them and telling them they'll lose it all if they even think of voting for another party is slavery.  It's institutionalized, indoctrinated slavery at it's most evil.  It not only exploits the people they claim to be protecting, it exploits this country's ideals and it exploits the working class who open sadly their paychecks and but blink in utter disillusionment.
And from The Schilling Show, who can say it better than I could ever dream to:

Over the past four years, elected Democrats—President Barack Obama, (former) Congressman Tom Perriello, Delegate David Toscano, and others—have suggested or employed coercive tactics in coordinated effort to quell conservatives’ free political expression.
The culmination of these attempts:
  • Unequal treatment before the law for conservative groups attempting to exercise free speech rights
In his own backyard, Thomas Jefferson’s vision of a free and orderly society—self-governed by responsible and knowledgeable individuals—is crumbling under the dominion of Marx-inspired elected officials. These, and their sympathizers, have become brazen in their oppression campaign as demonstrated by the incidents referenced above and in the video: The Violent Democrat War on Free Speech. 
So, turn the sound down if you're at work...tell the kids to leave the room and watch.  Watch your peace loving liberal neighbors.  These are the people you work with, hiding behind their masks of civility at the lunch tables and water coolers of the world...but remove those masks and what you get is: The Liberal of the 21st Century.

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