Monday, October 22, 2012

My Badge Of Honor - Or, Why Brian Michael Bendis Is An Ass

Brian Michael Bendis, the pillager, ransacker and slaughterer of The Avengers franchise is an assjacket dickburger.

One bright (bright), bright (bright) Sun-Shiny day, he didn't seem to like a twitter post I made concerning his run on The Avengers, particularly his megalomaniacally rewriting of Avenger history. This atrocity appeared in most of the first 10 or so issues of the new Avengers books that came out a year or so ago.  Books like The AvengersNew Avengers, Bendis Avengers, The Amazing Bendis Avengers, Bendis Academy, Bendis And The Magnificent Avengers, Bendis Assemble, Mighty Bendis and The Mighty Bendis etc.

Regardless of all the detestable mistakes riddled within his "oral history" the gall, hubris and ostentation involved in doing this: erasing all the lore and history of the Avenger that came before him, he basically ruined the Avengers.

He's obviously obsessed with Spiderwoman. I dare you to find an appearance of her in any of the Bendis Avengers books that doesn't somehow show her ass, her tits or some kind of overly sexual post. Some call that a beard.

Oh, and his obsession with Luke Cage is something I won't understand. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anyway, my point is this.  As I stated earlier, 4 incredibly well written paragraphs ago, one day he didn't like that I said something like "Bendis is ruining the Avengers".  It wasn't directed at him, it was just a comment to the #comicmarket community.

Then one day I did tweet to him and was greeted by the following:

MY day was made.

What a fragile, feeble delicate little man.  If this is how he reacts to fans that express their dislike...imagine how The Architect is in the office.

I feel for whichever editor is forced to work with him.

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  1. Yeah bendis is really obsessed with spiderwoman heck back in a old wizard interview he made comments about how wonderwoman would never sleep with you but spiderwoman might give you a chance.


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