Friday, November 23, 2012

Cool Album Covers Still Exist

Over at Funk's House Of Geekery (have I mentioned I love that website?) someone commented that in our digital age, the art of cool album covers might be dying.

He's right, in a sense.  Most "artists" don't put much effort into album covers anymore.  People can go to and download individual songs and pay no mind whatsoever to what that band put on the cover.  There's no need to make an eye-catching cover so that it pops out at you among the racks at the record store...

But he's also wrong.  It is a dying art, but there are bands out there that still take it seriously, thankfully.

Here's a few of my favorite album covers at the moment from some of the more creative bands out there.  Some of these bands have disbanded (hehehe) but most are still creating some amazing music...represented by some amazing artwork.

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