Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where Is John Wayne?

This country is filled with selfish, spoiled narcissists.  And that's just the kids.

Our children aren't disciplined and our children's parents are failures.  They teach them nothing outside of "You're a special little angel".  They give them no life skills or common sense.  They learn to be special little narcissists by their special little narcissistic parents.

We need John Wayne back. Not just John Wayne the man, but the John Wayne way of life that was the norm when he was around.  And the lessons he taught us.

These kids then grow up and become adults with no idea what it means to be an adult, then pass that on to their own children.  We have turned ourselves into a perpetual group of children spawning children.

"Wait until your Dad get's home" used to mean discipline.  Now it means a sit-down talk about sensitivity and "making right choices".

Here's what a kid should see when "Dad gets home"...

That walk is what they should see.

Everything with our children is a diagnosis. Everything's an emergency. Everything is something for parents to become addicted to government assistance and drain the system.

Everyone thinks their kid is special and different. This isn't to say that a child isn't one of the most amazing gifts one can be given. But we need to give them the skills they need to grow up and become adults. Real adults that are then equipped to give to their children the skills needed to be real adults as well.

I'll leave you with this:

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