Monday, April 15, 2013

Check Out My Utterly Unscientific Test Of My New Solid State Drive, The OCZ Vertex 3

So I purchased this drive a few weeks back and I'm pretty much as in love with a piece of computer hardware as I ever have been.

I built this machine piece by piece over a period of approximately 3 months and am proud of the rig I built.

A while back one of the old platter drives that just happened to be my system drive died.

I had to buy a new drive right?  What reasons exist in this world that new system drive shouldn't be an SSD?  Exactly, none.

So here's the video of my rebooting my computer...well, let me show you my system specs first:

A cursory glance at my system and what I'm running.
Obviously I am going to up that 8GB of RAM to 16GB. It's cheap enough for even the best RAM out there.

I could also upgrade the video card, at some point.  But right now I basically play Half Life 2 and its episodes when I even do play games.  But once my estranged "wife" allows me to have my clothing and other personal belongings that have been held hostage for just approaching a year now, I will be upgrading that card and buy a few of the newer games out there...namely Bioshock's latest. And I'm hoping for a new Bad Company title.

These games may have already been announced but I am very much out of the loop.

I've always loved Bioshock and have never, ever been let down.  There also must be another Bad Company game coming soon, unless I've missed it (PLEASE tell me if I have), that I will also purchase as one of my modern favorite games alongside the Bioshocks.  But that all depends on when my "wife" deems me worthy to have some of my items back.

So, without further ado here is the video that I have uploaded to Youtube to leave it open for comments, suggestions and criticism.

Soon, I'll be outlining the tweaks I have done to the drive and to Windows in order to get the best of an incredible drive.

I still believe I have some more tweaks to do but this is rather impressive.

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  1. This machine is really impressive. How did you manage to come up with this idea? An SSD drive would surely be more effective than any other for a new system.

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