Monday, April 1, 2013

#GameOfThrones, Catching Up On Some TV

So I'm a little behind on all my favorite TV shows.

My divorce happened in the middle of #TheWalkingDead Season 2 so I'm just going to buy that on BD.  I own Season 1 and every comic issue so it's not JUST a TV show.

However, I did decide to start watching #GameOfThrones the other night and got hooked pretty quickly.  I've only watched 5 episodes but it was pretty much all in a row - that show is really good.

I do think that Sean Bean makes it, though.  If it were anyone else I'm not sure if the show would be as popular as it is right now.

No offense to anyone that didn't get the part.

I love that type of setting and, to be honest, Emilia Clarke is about as easy on the eyes as it gets.

But I'm not that shallow...I like swords and war, too. So there.

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