Tuesday, June 4, 2013

9-11 Truthers, Sandy Hook Truthers, Boston Marathon Deniers - An Open Letter

To all of you nutbars (Warning, that page is graphic) out there making Youtube videos claiming 9/11, Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombings and various other domestic terrorism events were staged events using "crisis actors", military drone airplanes controlled by Bush and all that other garbage.  Some of you are even saying the slaying of the British Soldier by Islamofacist terrorists was a staged event using actors...I have something to say to you, please read it.

You suffer from schizo-affective disorder, major depression and perhaps fully blown schizophrenia.

You're of above average intelligence though not overly smart, you were most likely a poor student in high school with little to no friends.  You often perceived yourself to be smarter than most other people.  You're the proof of the old saying

This is why you constantly demanding from people to "open their eyes" to see the world as you see it, not the flawed, incorrect version everyone else sees.  Only you, the true visionary can see what's "really going on in the world".  Like Gacey, Bundy, Koresh your sociopaths tendencies looked down on others that were not on the same divergent path.

The world around you was unsatisfactory to you so you began to diverge.

As you got older you were never given the proper mental guidance or seen by a medical professional - either you were able to hide your schzo-affective behavior or you were raised in a home where this behavior was seen as normal, but it began to flourish within you.  You mistook
these schizophrenic disturbances as "intellectual breakthroughs", the ability to "see things other's cannot", to "posess an open mind", unlike the unwashed masses that are unable to see the country and its hideous, diabolically murderous truths - populated by men in black suits, "actors" on the news trying to "fake you out" and political leaders setting into motion huge, murderous events all across American soil complete with dead children just so that you will 'believe"these "movie like" tragedies so that you will "submit" to their rule when they "come for you"

In reality these are all coping methods for an underdeveloped brain and an absence of a soul or conscience: by definition, a sociopath.  With your tendency for delusions and paranoia you are a double whammy of danger to yourself and to those around you.  The Sociopathic Schizo-Affective Personality will coil yourself around the naive among us, because you seek them out

Claiming that actors, at the behest of the government, are moving around the country staging murder scene makes sense to you because that's that you see on CSI each week.  It's easier for you to understand that all people are out to con, because that's your way of life than it is to actually believe evil exists in the world.  Why?  Because, as a sociopath, you know now what is evil and what is good.  You are hard-wired to believe life is a TV show.  You are dissociated.  Your are removed from your world.  You are an observer, not a participant.

It's easier to pretend it's all fake blood and there are huge groups of people in on it, in case you ever need to go ahead with your little "staged event"...maybe someone will secretly instruct you to carry this rampage out...a neighbor's dog perhaps, a famous actor or actress through secret messages he or she is sending you through their movies.  Certainly not yourself.  You aren't capable of thinking it through.

You have built yourself up plausible deniability, a reason that makes complete and perfect sense in your "open mind" others are completely incapable of understanding, unless you are able to convince them - either by posting rambling, loosely coherent videos on the internet or, worse.

I beg of you to seek help.  As an accomplished sociopath, you've been able to blend into society very well.  You're an absolute professional at being able to talk your way out of a tight spot with such ease that you have become accustomed to thinking nothing is wrong.

NOTHING could be further from the truth.

You're a danger to us and our society.

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