Sunday, June 30, 2013

The World Needs A Dose Of Common Courtesy

Two things happened yesterday that kinda irked me.

First, two 20 something girls are walking into a convenient store, behind them is an old lady with a cane struggling to make it across the area with the pumps.  She gets to the door just as the two princesses get there.  They're rambling on about nothing, like princesses do and just open the door and walk in.  The old lady reaches out to get the door and misses it.  I tried to grab it, too but I missed it.  I got it and opened it for her and let her in.

It got me so upset, that these two clueless fools are oblivious to everyone else around them they may have caused the woman to fall or I mentioned to one of them that they didn't hold the door open for that little old lady with a cane over there and she struggled to try and reach it.  Her response was, "Really?  I didn't see her".  NO SHIT you didn't see her!

Second was, and this isn't that big of a deal...but I've mentioned it before.  I was standing in line holding two cases of soda.  They opened another register and the person behind me though that meant it was her turn.  She rushed over there with her bottle of tylenol and I was already in a bent mood so I said to her, "Excuse me, I was next in line. You were behind me".

The clerk agreed and told her sorry, she'll have to get back in line.  The woman simply couldn't believe it.

When I got up to the register she said that she isn't allowed to tell people unless a customer says something first, they can say "I can help THE NEXT PERSON in line" but if someone cuts they aren't allowed to speak up.  But they can back up the story if another customer says something first.

So, the next time it happenes to you, say something.  

Rant done. :)

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