Thursday, August 1, 2013

Anyone Up For Trading Comic Books

I am looking for the latest three Invincible trade paper backs, 16, 17 and 18.

For trade I have these to offer.  In case you're wondering what kind of person I am to deal with, I am fair and hope for the same.  Maybe you remember my post about how you should avoid

I treat people fairly, and hope others do the same.  My books are all in mint condition, I hope you can provide something close to the same.

In return, I have the following trade paperbacks to offer:

100 Bullets 01
100 Bullets 02
100 Bullets 03
Battle Pope 01
Battle Pope 02
Battle Pope 03
Battle Pope 04
Chew 01
Chew 05
Classic Gi Joe 09
Classic Gi Joe 11
Hellboy 11
Hellboy 12
Losers 01
Losers 02
The Death Of Captain America: The Burden Of Dreams 02
The Goon 06
The Goon 07
The Goon 08
The Goon 09
The Goon 10
Walking Dead 17
Walking Dead Survivors Guide 01

Those are some dang good books.  Chew is a first print.

Just about everything is a first print, I will let you know otherwise if it isn't.

Let me know if any and how many of these interest you and let's work out a trade.  I'm not super strict about it being an exact value or 2 for 2 trade, if you happen to really want something extra just let me know...I'm always happy to help out a fellow collector.

I hope you're the same.

The greatest animated gif that has ever been created: Kate Upton, who happens to be stalking me (it's sad really) dancing after the jump.

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