Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Big Brother - In Case You Didn't Know, Has Hot Girls On It. Jessie's Ass Deserves An Award.

Jessie from Big Brother has an ass unlike any ass I've ever seen.

She much have done gymnastics because she has that body style.  Not that I like "thick" or even think this petite girl s "thick" but she has powerful legs and an ass that you could fire a BB gun at.

If you like seeing girl's with nice asses dance and I don't mean this  (You might want to block your eyes and ears...if you can make it through this whole video you deserve an award).

What I do mean is this:


If you can disregard her comments on her bowel problems at the end  of this next video you'll see what I mean.  I think this girl has some of the greatest child bearin' hips this side of the Mississip...

God Lord Santa, this woman's hips are mathematical.

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