Saturday, August 24, 2013

My eBay Auction. I Was Very, Very Tired.

I'm selling a big ol box of LEGO people.

This is the story I used to illustrate the mayhem in which they currently live within the WB Mason box on my porch.

Really, only you can help them.  Or pass this along to folks you think may be fit to put an end to this needless slaughter.

Trouble Is Spelled LEGO
Someone wants to bang, bro.

You ain't kidding, old man.  Not one single bit. Shits about to turn on yo ass, and not a fuck will be given by the East Side HALO Bloods.

Thought So...Grandpa.

Go ahead. Fuck around in a LEGO thing you know a bird is eating your brains out while Paris Lohan tweets to Gaga Bynes about it before heading out to Globo Gym.  Steve The Pirate will take your commissary, too.

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