Monday, August 26, 2013

These Mispronounced And Misspelled Words Drive Me Bat Shit Insane

The word, people, is supposedly. Hearing otherwise intelligence people say this word is far and away the biggest pet peeve I have. I've given upn on letting it flat out correcting people when I hear them say it. And the blank, dumb stares on their faces enrages me even more.

Expresso. You think you like good coffee, you think you're a cofee-head. Yeah, you think it's called Expresso, like some fucking gas station in West Texas than a coffee drink. You're an asshole.
Could of, Would of, Should of.

Yes, I know that when you learned contraction WAY back in junior high school, they were very, very difficult. Much like conjugating Latin verbs, joining two English words must have been a horror show for you. Because now, in your late teen/adult life you fill out comments on youtube and other websites saying things like, "He should of gotten the red car" or "They could of been killed by that insane cow.

I know that the word "should've" sounds like "should of" when your brainless little head says it quickly, but ask yourself this: Those people that escape cow death, had they actually died, would you say, "They of died" or "That have died".

Yeah, it's that easy. Now sit back and think about how STUPID you sound then you type it. Fuckwit.
The word above is the opposite of tight, not win.

You can't loose at a game of Call of Duty, or Portal.

When someone beats you and they type, "LOL OPWNED YOU LOOSE! CLAN BIGGUMS BOYZ RULES!!" All you have to do is realize they can't spell because they have no career prospects, and you do - and therefore you know the difference between something that's tight and something that you win.

My challenge is for you to go to any random Youtube page and I promise that you will see one of your fellow citizens type "should of", "could of" or "would of". Any video. Nuff Said on that one.
You're and your. 
You know this.
There, they're and their. 
You know this, too.
You know, that big building that holds books into which this person has never ventured
Eck Cetera. 
I know you've heard someone say this. It's such common sense to you and I that our ears may hear the correct way to say it. Buut start to pay attention and see just how manu people say it that way.
Visa Versa.
This one drives me nutty. They're using it to sound well read, but in turn they sound plum dumb.

So, what mispronounced misspelled words drive you nuts?


  1. I have a friend that says, "Let me PREFERENCE this..." I have told him no fewer than one thousand times that the word is PREFACE. This same friend uses "supposably" as well.

  2. That's maddening. My ex-wife said supposably, no matter how many times I told her, even showed her that it's wrong, she continued.

    That GOD we're divorced.

  3. I have a million: "Febuary" (February), "bob wire" (barbed wire), "mute point" (moot point), "expresso" (espresso), "irregardless" (regardless)... I could go on for a while. It's really not that hard to get it right, people.

  4. "Chomping at the bit"

    Improperly using the phrase "Begs the question".

    Saying "Me either". For example, "I haven't seen that movie", "Me either".

    Using "Literally" when it's uncalled for.

    "It's" and "its"

    "I could care less"

    "For all intensive purposes"

    "There's been a human cry since the Red Sox lost their last game"

    "Homing my skills"


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