Thursday, October 17, 2013

Marco Minnemann

The following is a Portuguese website that hosted this drum session with a mix of incredible drummers from around the world.

The icing on the cake was Marco's set, seen above.  His footwork is dynamic and to be held in absolute high regard, as well as his vigorous chops and his polyrythmic range.

This session by Marco is a gem I am surprised to have never found before.


On Monday, June 25, was first held in Brazil festival DW ® Days!
The festival - unprecedented in Latin America - led presentations Marco Minnemann, Chester Thompson (Genesis, Phil Collins) and Álvaro López (RE-Q) to Mexico City (Mexico, 18/6), Bogota (Colombia, 20 / 6), Quito (Ecuador, 22/6). And ended the tour with a stunning performance at the Auditorium UNIP in São Paulo.
The show started around 18h ​​with auditorium full of admirers, fans and enthusiasts of artists and DW, which were packed and honor another event organized and conducted by Pride Music in partnership with AT & T and Mix FM.
In our edition, we embezzlement Alvaro Lopez, who can not come at the last minute due to counter-time with his visa. Despite the unexpected absence, there was no time and even less reason to regret as to fill the gap, Robson Caffé was there! And with a lot of energy, will, determination, competence and charisma, our local representative and endorser PDP by DW exceeded all expectations and beat your kit and your dishes, giving a sample of his work and the reason for being chosen to join the cast of distinguished musicians of the brand and the event itself.
Then, nothing more and nothing less than a living legend Chester Thompson, the man who works and among several bands, was in charge of the drumsticks with Genesis and Phil Collins also showed that age is no limit when it keeps young spirit. Even more so vigorous instrument and requires much explosion as the battery. With all his experience on the road, he used and abused his tricks and secrets, squandering a lot of technique and parading a multitude of rhythms that left everyone open-mouthed, from the youngest to oldest.
Soon after, he: Marco Minnemann, the octopus man! With much sympathy and some banter, the man who travels the world demonstrating his virtuosity and acrobatics, soon showed why it is considered one of the best drummers of our time: the guy seems to be made of rubber and have a thousand arms! With a double pedal technique overwhelming, he made the whole audience shaking snatching everyone with his impressive arsenal and brought face full of notes. The comment was unanimous: independent of taste and musical style, it really was a unique experience to have the opportunity to see up close a guy with the skills and the impeccable quality of Marco Minnemann. What he does and has done is to record in memory, such extreme difficulty and complexity in implementation.
During each show, were drawn several awards, including a double kick pedal DW 3000. And soon after the end of the presentations, both artists did a session of "meet and greet" with the audience. And what we saw was a row gingantesca, but all had the opportunity to secure their personal records between autographs, photos, albums, shirts and all kinds of sounvenirs signed.
Torçamos so that one day they return, for they saw - can see again, and those who could not go - have a new opportunity. And who knows what next year has more DW Days, and regardless, that DW do more 40, 80, 120, 160, 200 ... and so will many, many more years of great success and music!

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