Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top 3 Firefox 25.0.1 Tricks

Some of these may not be strictly related to Firefox and some have certainly been around a while, but I'm writing about them now because I'm watching Ken Burns' Baseball, Ken Burns seems to bring out the scribe in everyone..

As an aside, raise your hand if you find it amazing Firefox is on number 25!  (25.0.1 to be exact).  I remember when Firefox 1.5 or 2 and with it came tabbed browsing (!).  Tabbed browsing took the world by storm back in 05 or 06.  Internet Explorer still hasn't quite gotten the hang of that, yet.  But those of use that use FF wouldn't be anywhere without it.

Anyway, here's some time-savers I've found while using it:
  • If you've ever wanted to open a new tab or link on a page, but don't want it to draw over the tab you're currently reading and lose it to the dreaded Back Button try this. The next time you want to click a link or open a bookmark, hold the CTRL key down and click the link. This will open it in a new tab, leaving your tab alone. 

  • Some might know this one already, but if you ever come across a page that mentions another website but doesn't make it a hyperlink. More likely tan not you've been reading a webpage and the author tells you about something he read on some other page, usually in some derivative of this:

    I was reading the other day and saw there's a new book coming out with bla bla bla...

    As opposed to:

    I was reading the other day and saw there's a new book coming out with bla bla bla...

    You can be sure that A) the author of that website doesn't want you to leave his website, so he makes it harder on you to do so. Easy fix with Firefox.

    Highlight the non-linked and press right click with your mouse. In the menu that appears there should be a "Go to" item in what's called the "Context menu".  Fancy word for menu for the menu that pops up when you right click something. Try iton the non-markdeup above. 
  • Finally, rename your bookmarks to a keyword so that you can get to them without navigating through all your bookmark links.  I have over 200 bookmarks, but I visit approximately 10 on a daily basis.  What I've done for those that I visit all the time is to give them "keywords".  If I type one of those keywords into the URL bar, it will open that bookmark immediately.  Instead of going to, in my case: Social/Non-Blog/Facebook, I simply type "Facebook" into the URL bar and it brings me there.

    If there's a certain group or message contact that I visit a lot, I name them as well. For one of my comic book groups I took the initials of that group, "MTL", and just type that and voila, I'm there. This method saves me endless mouse strokes and, counting, the clicks to navigate through the bookmarks menu bar, then getting to Facebook, navigating to the page that shows the list of groups to which I belong (which is dynamic in nature - meaning, the group names move up and down according to their activity - finding the group and clicking on the group name.

    Here, I simply type "MTL" in the bar and I'm brought right to it.

Next up, go to the Firefox Addon Market store and install AdBlock Edge. Edge began as a fork off of AdBloc+ but focused 

Bonus tip!

Enter this into the URL when your boss walks past:

Even better, make it a bookmark and make sure it's not buried in a bookmark folder, right on the menu bar itself! Name it something innocuous like "ESPN" or something and when you hear your boss walking around, just press it. Then, you can write me to tell me how much you love me :) ♥

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