Friday, December 19, 2014

Why Is Obama So Silent Regarding The Sony Controversy?

Update: 1/2/15: The FBI is releasing some information that NK may not have been behind the attack at all.  The term they're using is "Inside job".  I would agree that this was an inside job..but not the kind of "inside job" they want to get across to the American public.  I repeat: Sony insulted a Glorious Leader. The Glorious Leader of The United States Of America doesn't take well to insults.My citation for this particular opinion is this article

Anyone else think we're getting about one tenth of the truth behind this whole Sony/North Korea/hacking debacle?

Why is Washington so silent? Have they not gotten their story straight? Is Washington complicit in some way? Perhaps, in so much as this being a false flag operation in an attempt to cover up their own act forcible censorship upon American citizens?

Apparently the story is that, Glorious Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un should not be insulted. Tyrants dislike being insulted.

However, there is more to the Sony hack/cracks than just the movie.  There were emails.  In those emails were "racist" jokes about Glorious Supreme Leader, Barack Hussein Obama.

These "racist" jokes, between Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin:
Rudin: "I doubt it. Should I ask him if he liked DJANGO?" "
Pascal: "12 Years."
Rudin: "Or the butler, or 'think like a man'?"
Pascal: "Ride-along. I bet he likes Kevin Hart."
The North Koreans were offended back in July, as indicated by North Korea's UN Ambassador Ja Song Nam:
Kook #1: Ja Song Nam
“To allow the production and distribution of such a film on the assassination of an incumbent head of a sovereign state should be regarded as the most undisguised sponsoring of terrorism as well as an act of war. The United States authorities should take immediate and appropriate actions to ban the production and distribution of the aforementioned film; otherwise, it will be fully responsible for encouraging and sponsoring terrorism"
Sony smells a rat, and so do I.

Nation-state funded hacking groups like Guardians of Peace or some sister cell like God’sApstls, operating off North Korean soil in China, who are currently being blamed by the CIA for the breach can't pull something this large.

Fact: Glorious Supreme Leaders don't like to get insulted.  We see some emails of one Glorious Supreme Leader being insulted above. Obama is a petulant, entitled little golden child when things aren't going his way or someone dares speak to him without utmost respect (most narcissistic tyrannical nutjobs lash out harshly when insulted).

Kook #2: Barack Hussein Obama
North Korea can't even keep their lights on at night they're so impoverished.

So I ask, again, who really is punishing Sony and, via proxy, the freedoms of the American citizens?  

Some kook that uses a bowl to get his hair cut? Or someone with an already proven track record for trampling the Constitution and the Constitutional rights of the American people?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Some Videos To Warm Your Heart

An Update and a Bleg (UPDATED)

A friend, Paul over at mean ol' meany, has something I would appreciate you taking a look at...

 An Update and a Bleg (UPDATED)

I know that the last time that y'all heard from me, I was lamenting my loss from ten years ago. Such is the nature of loss.

My life has changed dramatically since late June. Yes, it is all for the good of the world, too.

Anyhoo, my future and the future of my family is pretty much determined
and we require your help to make things start out in the right
direction. We are starting a non-profit that is going to center on
helping individuals in small towns across this country, among other
things. I think that we can all agree that small town folks in this
country have been ignored for long enough.

This is where y'all come in. We are not approved just yet, so don't
donate a bunch of money, hopefully we will have that distinction very
soon. But! We already have someone that is in dire need of help and
this cannot wait.

Remember W-A-Y back in July 2014 when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
blowed up on the webby-nets? Well, there is a disease that is similar
to ALS called Childhood Cerebral Adrenoleukodystrophy and it affects younger boys. We know such a child.

This young boy has gone from a vibrant, active child last December to
someone that has lost almost all motor skills, the ability to talk, and
is bedridden or wheelchair bound. It was brutally swift and the
resources of the family are miniscule to say the least.

They need a good, dependable car and badly. We need your help to make
that happen. At the top right of this page, just under my email and RSS
feed buttons, is a link to my Pay Pal marked "Donate." Do it.

Send this post to everyone you know and get them to donate. Give five
bucks, give a hundred bucks, give a thousand, just give some cash. I
will compile a list of all those people who donate and I will put you on
my list of folks to spam like crazy once this non-profit gets off the
ground for good, too. (<<---This is a joke. Seriously.)

Y'all know me. If there is one thing in this world you know about me it
is that I always do what I say I am going to do. Make this happen for
this kid and his family, please.

Oh, and I might bring back College Gameday for a couple of weeks during
the end of this season if y'all win at this thing.

Hit your knees right now for this boy and his folks, too.

Please take the time to comment.

Original Post:

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How To Change From IDE To AHCI

I have a few drives on my home PC. A bunch of standard platter drives for media storage, some drives for backups and my system drive is a solid state, the OCZ Vertex 3, to be precise.

When I first installed it, the difference in performance was amazing. However, upon more reading I had noticed my M4A77TD motherboard was communicating with my hard drives using the older, slower IDE. I wanted to change this to the newer, faster Advanced Host Controller Interface or, AHCI technology.

However, changing this after you have installed Windows is a little trickier...but not too hard. Just two simple registry edits and a change in the BIOS.

The two registry entries you need to change are
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Pciide
You change their "Start" values to "0" and then restart your computer, boot to your BIOS and change your SATA configuration to AHCI instead of IDE.

To change from IDE to AHCI is a simple process. It's probably worded a little different for each individual BIOS but the process is easy. One boots to their motherboard and then toggles the "SATA Configuration" to AHCI. Then you reboot and voila you're running AHCI and speeding up your SSD.

Here's what it looks like in my BIOS:

Changing IDE to AHCI. ASUS motherboard, AMI Megatrends BIOS.
But wait, did Windows not boot? Did you get a BSOD?  I did...and it pissed me off.

Luckily I run a Macrium backup every hour on my OS drive so my plan was to put my Windows DVD in the DVD drive, reboot, turn on AHCI, and reinstall Windows, hoping that Windows would have the AMD AHCI drives natively.

Well, that didn't happen.

So I had to hunt and hunt and hunt and hunt to find these drivers. Nearly impossible to find them, but I did. So, for those of you having the problem of changing from IDE to AHCI after having installed Windows, I hope this post can help you get it done.

Oh, and by the way, here are those fizucking drivers so you don't have to drive yourself nuts trying to find them.

The backup restoration from Macrium took about 25 minutes and it was as if I had never done a thing. Macrium creates an image of your it's every single setting, program, file just like they were before you did anything.

After that, AHCI was working perfectly.

Here's a screenshot of how blazing fast my SSD is now:

HD Tune Pro 5.50
However, my motherboard is a bit dated, it doesn't support USB 3.0 and most importantly it doesn't have SATA 3.0 support. Having bought it in 2010 it was great, SATA III was just coming into the market in 2009 and boards are relatively cheap to upgrade at a later date to "catch up" to what was, at the time, bleeding edge, but is now standard.

That's the philosophy I've always used when building or speccing out my newest system. I won't pay top dollar for something that will be much cheaper in a few years. When the technology I am buying now is more than sufficient to meet my needs at the time and just wait it out until that bleeding edge tech starts to become more of a need than a bonus. Which brings us to now. Now I need that SATA 3.0 support. This drive just isn't fast enough...even though I was being a bit sarcastic with the "blazing fast" comment regarding my screenshot. Even though that is pretty darn fast.

So, my board being what it is, is now a choke point on my system.

Friday, October 24, 2014

How To Add Quicklaunch Bar To Windows 7 Or Windows 8

If you, like me, use the Quicklaunch toolbar that was introduced in Windows Xp here's how you can add it to your Taskbar at the bottom of your screen.

Right click on the Taskbar and choose Toolbars > New Toolbar

A navigation window will open up asking you what folder you would like to navigate to the following location:
%AppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

Voila! You'll have the old fashioned toolbar instead of the weird Taskbar.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer

So some cool news upon coming home from work today, the next Avengers movie, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, has a trailer for us all to look upon.

For all intents and purposes it appears as if this is going to be amazeballs.

Here, look at it:

Monday, October 6, 2014

Tom Brady To World, "STFU"

Tom Brady had a Tom Brady game.

After a week of "fans" calling for Brady to be traded and have Jimmy GahhRAHPALAH" take over, Brady and Company took it to the Bengals and hard.

Here, he and Minitron have a bit of fun with the ball...

With the crowd chanting "BRADY! BRADY! BRADY!" he threw a touchdown pass to Wright...

Tom's passing of the 50,000 yard mark came by way of a pass to, who but, Gronowski:

It was great to see one of the top elite quarterbacks in the history of the NFL happy standing behind the podium after the game during his press conference. His happiness and relaxed body language is most likely due to the fact that he actually had time in the pocket without worry of being helicoptered after throwing a pick.

He threw 0 INTs and threw 292 yards tonight, as opposed to two picks and 150 yards.

Great game and right when they needed it. Let's hope it rolls into next week.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tom Brady Has Reportedly Had "Tensions" With Patriots Coaching Staff

I'm going to take a different view on this whole situation. I'm relatively young, but old enough to remember how terrible the Patriots (and just about every team here in NE) were for a long time.

The first game I can remember with any kind of clarity is Super Bowl XX against the Bears. I was 10 and that game got me into football and into paying attention to the Patriots.

After that game, the Patriots went a combined 106-123 with 9 seasons with 8 or less wins. 6 seasons with 5 or less wins 3 seasons with either 2 or 1 wins.

Those a bit older than me will remember the years 1960-1985 where they went 163-185. From 1965 to 1975, they won 49 games. Ten years, 49 wins.

I think we've been charmed lately here in NE with championships. Since 2004, Boston's won 18% of the four major sports titles. The Red Sox have now won three of the past 10 World Series. The Patriots have won two of the past 10 Super Bowls. The Celtics have won one of 10 NBA Finals. And the Bruins have won one of the past nine Stanley Cups. (04-05 season was cancelled because of the lockout.)

So, enjoy that we have a first ballot, elite quarterback who has given selflessly to the team with regards to his contracts...and an argument can be made he has not seen that money reinvested back into weaponry he can use on the field).

So, perhaps, a bit of losing will give us the perspective we need...and how great it was during the Brady/Belichick era.

For some perspective...champion and all around nice guy had this to say of Dave Deguglielmo:
“I have heard things,” Fauria said. “I haven’t heard from the Patriots players, per se, but I have heard that there are some issues with him as being the coach. There are some issues with his personality, there’s some issues with the way he coaches, with the technique that he teaches.”
WEEI On Demand audio...

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Marvel Universe Light Up Base Figures

Check out my list, MU Light Up Base, created by RedLaser!

Dream Theater Discography - A Story Of Dedication

August 2 at the Bank of America Pavilion
Before Dream Theater turned into a Dream Theater cover band with the loss of Mike Portnoy, they own one of the single most impressive catalogs of music I've seen.

Of course, there's folks like Buckethead, Zappa and others that lay claim to massive rosters of studio and live albums, but (other than Zappa who's music constantly changed from the approachable (Apostrophe) to the downright exotically extravagant and musically demanding Civilization Phase III who produced a library of albums dwarfing just about anyone else in the music industry to date), Dream Theater has churned out albums so diverse from one to the other it boggles the mind.

Take a look at this discography.  For completeness sake I included some of their lives performances put to CD or DVD as well as the albums Mike Portnoy put together under their Fanclub releases. IMO, Portnoy was the hardest working man in music and losing him was a complete shame...Mangini, while a magnificent drummer in his own right, is no Portnoy...I say this knowing full well I am in no way a billionth of a drummer he is, but Pornoty is the better musical drummer...when he left, the heart of Dream Theater was pulled out.  I think that Marco Minnemann would have been the better choice.  In my opinion he's the more musical and dynamic a drummer than Mangini.  Again, I am nothing, zero, ziltch compared to either of these guys, it's just my (somewhat) educated opinion as to which man would have filled the spot with more vigor and "drumming personality".

If I'm missing any, please let me know in the comment section.

P.S. If you're a drummer and you don't own his instructional DVD (Mike Portnoy In Constant Motion DVD) you are missing out on some of the finest, most imaginative and innovative techniques to date.
So, without further ado, here we go:
  1. 1989 - Dream Theater - [When Dream And Day Unite]
  2. 1992 - Dream Theater - [Images And Words]
  3. 1993 - Dream Theater - [Live At The Marquee]
  4. 1993 - Dream Theater - [New York City - 03-04-93]
  5. 1994 - Dream Theater - [A Kick Into A Dream NY]
  6. 1994 - Dream Theater - [Awake Demos]
  7. 1994 - Dream Theater - [Awake]
  8. 1994 - Dream Theater - [Lie]
  9. 1994 - Dream Theater - [The Silent Man]
  10. 1995 - Dream Theater - [A Change Of Seasons]
  11. 1995 - Dream Theater - [Acoustic Dreams]
  12. 1995 - Dream Theater - [Damage Inc Oslo Rockefeller]
  13. 1996 - Dream Theater - [International Fan Club Christmas Cd 1996]
  14. 1996 - Dream Theater - [Old Bridge New Jersey - 12-14-96]
  15. 1997 - Dream Theater - [Falling Into Infinity]
  16. 1997 - Dream Theater - [Hollow Years]
  17. 1997 - Dream Theater - [The Making of Falling Into Infinity]
  18. 1998 - Dream Theater - [Acoustic At The Electric Factory]
  19. 1998 - Dream Theater - [Heading For Planet X]
  20. 1998 - Dream Theater - [Live At Lyon]
  21. 1998 - Dream Theater - [Live At Waldrock]
  22. 1998 - Dream Theater - [Los Angeles, California - 05-18-98]
  23. 1998 - Dream Theater - [Once In A Livetime]
  24. 1999 - Dream Theater - [Cleaning Out The Closet]
  25. 1999 - Dream Theater - [Metropolis, Part 2 Scenes From A Memory]
  26. 1999 - Dream Theater - [The Chill Of Winter Holland 1999 Cd2]
  27. 2000 - Dream Theater - [Live At The Hob]
  28. 2000 - Dream Theater - [Scenes From A World Tour]
  29. 2000 - Dream Theater - [Through Her Eyes]
  30. 2001 - Dream Theater - [Four Degrees Of Radio Edits]
  31. 2001 - Dream Theater - [Live Scenes From New York]
  32. 2002 - Dream Theater - [Amsterdam Agitation]
  33. 2002 - Dream Theater - [Graspop Festival 2002]
  34. 2002 - Dream Theater - [Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence]
  35. 2002 - Dream Theater - [Taste The Memories]
  36. 2002 - Dream Theater - [The Atco Demos]
  37. 2003 - Dream Theater - [Graspop Festival 2002]
  38. 2003 - Dream Theater - [The Majesty Demos 1985 - 1986]
  39. 2003 - Dream Theater - [The Making Of Scenes From A Memory]
  40. 2003 - Dream Theater - [Train Of Thought Instrumental Demos]
  41. 2003 - Dream Theater - [Train Of Thought]
  42. 2004 - Dream Theater - [A Live Thought in Oporto, Portugal]
  43. 2004 - Dream Theater - [A Sort Of Homecoming]
  44. 2004 - Dream Theater - [Are Clearly Defined]
  45. 2004 - Dream Theater - [Live At Budokan]
  46. 2004 - Dream Theater - [Master Of Puppets]
  47. 2004 - Dream Theater - [Stream Of Consciousness Songwriting Contest]
  48. 2004 - Dream Theater - [The Covers 2]
  49. 2004 - Dream Theater - [Tokyo, Japan - 10-28-95]
  50. 2004 - Dream Theater - [When Dream And Day Reunite]
  51. 2004 - Dream Theater - [When Dream And Day Unite Demos]
  52. 2005 - Dream Theater - [Images And Words Demos]
  53. 2005 - Dream Theater - [Live At Pepsi Stadium]
  54. 2005 - Dream Theater - [Live In Chili]
  55. 2005 - Dream Theater - [Octavarium]
  56. 2005 - Dream Theater - [The Number Of The Beast]
  57. 2006 - Dream Theater - [A Saucerful Of Floyd]
  58. 2006 - Dream Theater - [Dark Side Of The Moon]
  59. 2006 - Dream Theater - [Score 20th Anniversary World Tour]
  60. 2007 - Dream Theater - [Constant Motion]
  61. 2007 - Dream Theater - [Falling Into Infinity Demos]
  62. 2007 - Dream Theater - [Images And Words 15th Anniversary Performance]
  63. 2007 - Dream Theater - [Lifting Shadows]
  64. 2007 - Dream Theater - [Made In Japan]
  65. 2007 - Dream Theater - [Systematic Chaos]
  66. 2008 - Dream Theater - [Chaos In Motion]
  67. 2008 - Dream Theater - [Progressive Nation 2008]
  68. 2009 - Dream Theater - [A Rite Of Passage Single]
  69. 2009 - Dream Theater - [Black Clouds And Silver Linings]
  70. 2009 - Dream Theater - [Uncovered 2003-2005]
  71. 2009 - Dream Theater - [Wither]
  72. 2010 - Dream Theater - [God of War Blood & Metal Soundtrack]
  73. 2010 - Dream Theater - [Live In Kopenhagen]
  74. 2011 - Dream Theater - [A Dramatic Turn Of Events]
  75. 2013 - Dream Theater - [Dream Theater]
  76. 2014 - Dream Theater - [Live From the Boston Opera House]
Portnoy, again, at the Pavillion in August of 2009
That's insanity...for a band so hard working and phenomenally talented. This is testament to their dedication to their craft as well as dedication to their fan-base. I will mention again, this is NOT including their other 24 various bootlegs that may or not be official like Shibuya, Nighttown Nostalgia, Stranger Than Fiction, Moon Bubbles and Rotterdamned.

That equals out to 100.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Star Wars Figures

Here is a list of the new quote "CW" "SL" Star Wars figures that have been released over the past few years.
If you're interested in buying or selling please let me know, however give me a week because I'm currently in the works of a trade or sale with someone on Facebook.
Thanks for looking!

  • 3d CR-83 CW16
  • Barriss Offee CW50
  • Battle Droid 2 Pack Sl20
  • Cad Bane
  • Cad Bane CW13
  • Chewbacca
  • Chewbacca CW63
  • Clone Trooper Hevy CW41
  • Clone Trooper Sl16
  • Clone Wars Weapons Factory Anakin And Super Battle Droid
  • Cody CW03
  • Count Dooku CW06
  • Darth Vader (See Pic)
  • Dath Vader Sl06
  • Dath Vader Sl11
  • Emergence Of The SLth
  • General Grievous
  • Han Solo Sl22
  • Han Solo Sl22
  • Jango Fett SL05
  • Jungle Camo Arf Tropper CW24
  • Landing At Point Rain Obi-Wan And Battle Droid (Plastic On This Is A Bit Open On The Left SLde)
  • Nikto Guard
  • Obi Wan CW02
  • Plo Kloon CW53
  • Queen Amidala (See Pic)
  • Qui-Gon
  • Qui-Gon
  • R2-D2 Sl14
  • R2-D2 Sl14
  • R7-D4 CW64
  • Rise Of Darth Vader - Darth And Anakin
  • Shock Trooper
  • Super Battle Android CW16
  • Super Battle Android CW16
  • Super Battle Android CW16
  • Super Battle Android CW16
  • Super Battle Android Sl28
  • Yoda (See Pic)
  • Yoda CW05

Monday, September 22, 2014

Coddling? Pussification Of Males? Or Simple Love?

My son. :)
An article posted by one of the people on Facebook with who we both agreed to press the "Add Friend" button struck a bit of a chord with me.

It mentions that babies who "cry it out" remains stressed out even after they have finished crying.


No shit!!  Humans aren't born with advanced coping skills. Those develop over time.

I enjoyed every second I spent with my sons, no matter how late it was. I had a strong, incredible bond with them and, as a conservative, don't think I raised pussies. They are babies...not 4 year olds.

That's the age, IMO, where parents turn their kids into helpless idiots by not teaching responsibility, accountability and respect.

Holding one's 6 month old son or daughter at night thereby giving them some comfort is hardly's one of the greatest things I've had the privilege of doing and know that if I provided some relief to my son, I did no harm.

There are worse things we can do to our children than holding them while they cry.

When I knew one of them was crying *just* to have me come sit with him, I would scale it back...sometimes. I believe it's the moral things we teach our kids, like I mentioned above, that turns them into the screaming, entitled little assholes we see all over the place.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Flamers Bible [rec.humor.funny]

I spent my Sunday watching Star Trek this morning (loved it), the Patriots early in the afternoon and now Star Trek: Into Darkness after the game.

I spent most of the (decidedly boring) Patriots game distracted by a trip down memory lane, that "lane" being USENET. Anyone over the age of, say, 35 that was a moderate to heavy computer user in the mid 90s who was not an AOL user has a vivid, probably melancholy memory of life on the small "i" internet before The September That Never Ended, (look here too).

Life, then, was full of colorful little B1FFs talking amongst each other with the Mike Corleys and Alexander Abians of the world.  Hipcrime, Gharlane of Eddore and John C. Baez were all there, too...watching Richard The St00pid's explosive BI, keeping an eye on the Crackpot Index expand like it was the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted list and making damn sure our .sig files were 4 lines or less.

We carefully maintained killfiles, dodged cancel bots and flamewars. We watched in amazement the advancement of binary groups and thought for sure they would bring about the end of everything.

This one's for you, Edmond Wollmann. You Shooting Star you.

The Flamers Bible [rec.humor.funny]

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chris Bachalo Is Awesome

I've always enjoyed Bachalo's artwork.  It's "messy" but it's very crisp and detailed.  There's a shit-ton of character in his work and his figures are brought to life in a way like no other.

One of my favorite Marvel Universe characters is Noh-Varr, aka Mar-Vell, Marvel Boy, aka Protector.

Don't mind Bullseye being the D-Bag that he is.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Steam, Half Life 2, Portal And This New Thing, Raptr

Raptr is a new (to me) game platform that allows you to do all sorts of cool new stuff. It adds some achievements, in-game HUD for posting messages, watching videos and a whole bunch of new tricks.

All sorts of customizable forum signatures that you can create for your online presence:

Raptr Gamercard

Raptr Gamercard

Raptr Gamercard

Raptr Gamercard

Raptr Gamercard

Raptr Gamercard

Raptr Gamercard

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Ultimate Top 10 Hottest Women Alive

Charisma Carpenter
Giada De Laurentiis
Halle Berry
Sara La Fountain
Sara La Fountain because she deserves two
Stacey Dash
Zoe Saldana

Sofia Vergara
Alyssa Millano