Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Samsung Galaxy SIII Tips and Tricks

If you're like me, you're constantly tweaking and finding new things to do with your phone or tablet or whatever device you use.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S III and it's, by far, the best phone I have ever had.  What makes this phone so great is how many cool things you can do with it.

One of the things I discovered today...and I don't care if this is old news. Yes I realize it's an S3.  Yes I realize the S4 is newer and better.  But this is the phone I have.

Anyway, onward.  You know the dock? That area at the bottom of your screen that holds 4 application icons along with the "Applications" menu.  I've always more than 4 icons there.  I naturally use some applications all the time- obviously the phone and text messaging.  But I also tend to go through phases, using some applications a lot for a set period of time.

Here's what the screen looks like with the applications I've picked.

Like I said, it would be nice to add more icons there as opposed to going to a different page, drilling down into a folder and then finding your app.

I just figured out, on a whim, a nice way to put as many icons in that dock as you want.

Simply create a "folder" with a group of your favorite applications. 

Then drag that folder down into the dock and, boom you're gonna love my nuts, you've got as many icons as you want.

Wash, rinse repeat you dirty hippie, and here you are!

Any have a neat little trick you stumbled upon?  Please leave a comment below if this was helpful and to share any tips you have for whichever phone you've got.

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