Friday, May 23, 2014

Show Thumbnails In Windows 7 - With Pictures! Speed Up Your Computer

Have you ever sat there in one of your pictures folders and chose to view them by "Large Icons" or "Extra Large Icons"?

Ever notice how god damned long it takes?  Especially if it's a large folder with a lot of images inside.

Here's a tip to make that all but disappear and have thumbnails appear almost instantly.

First, right click "My Computer" and select properties.

If you're a keyboard shortcut addict like I am, simply hold down the windows key and press "pause".

System Properties

Select the highlighted item, "Advanced System Settings" and in the resulting module, select "Settings" under "Performance".

Uncheck the two boxes at the top that I have highlighted.  Once you do that, instead of image thumbnails do all sorts of useless animations that take forever, especially if you're in a directory with a ton of images, they will simply turn into thumbnails of whichever size you so choose.


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