Monday, June 16, 2014

Half Life 2 Wallpaper

I play Half Life 2 and all the episodes almost once a year.  It's far and away the best game ever made (second place is Final Fantasy VII). About this there is no debate. If you think otherwise, you are wrong...and that is a fact.

If you're not a fuckin' dumbass you know Kalm is a great place to get shit done.  If you haven't been out to Junon and bred yourself some Black Chocobos to enter into the Chocobo Races you fucking suck at games.

Anyway, sometimes I run around in the Half Life 2 world trying to get some really cool looking screenshots.

Here's one of my all time favorites:

Oops, sorry....that's a badonkadonk.  Aaaaanyway...

Here's one of my all time favorites:
Gnorman And Dog Resting
That's Dog along with the infamous garden gnome, who I dubbed 'Gnorman' (made famous LONG FUCKING BEFORE THAT HOTEL COMMERCIAL CAME ALONG) taking a bit of a rest to gather their thoughts before I stick Gnorman's fat face into a fuckin' rocket and blast him off into space so I can get 30 points and an achievement.

The size of that girls ass is substantial.  The size of that screenshot, however, is big enough to be a wallpaper.  It's 1680x1050 if you want to be all fuckin' exact about it.  So click on it and look at it full size.  Then make it your wallpaper.

If you wanna use it as your wallpaper, I think that's should even take a screenshot of your wallpaper with my screenshot on it and post it in the comments section down see?

It would make me stand up and salute.

See what I did there?

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