Thursday, August 7, 2014

Top 5 Android Apps

First of all, install Firefox from the Play Store (don't piss about with me about your stupid Apple/iPhokey/Mac store because your phone is a worthless pile.

Android Firefox
Anyway, go add these apps:

Firefox.  Just like your computer, Firefox is the only browser worth a lick.  The mobile version is just as

AdBlock Edge.  If an ad-block solution is not on your phone, your tablet or your an IT professional that woks in a repair shop, I thank you for your business. Install this along with Firefox.

Quickpick is an application that stores your files "in the cloud".  Install the app on your home computer, workstation, phone or tablet and your 15GB of files is always there.  Want to drop some work into it instead of putting it on a flash drive you're going to forget while your rushing out the door in the morning? I don't.  So I simply put my files into Dropbox, get to work and print out the documents for the meeting.  This isn't strictly for work, it can store tons of images, all in directories you create...and can be accessed anywhere you go.  Must have.

Pandora. Bring your music with you.

GO SMS. IMO, this is THE instant messaging app on the market.  From Facebook contact information to the ability to call, chat, Skype© and a plethora of other things...this app is the be all end all of SMS solutions.

Netlix.  Bring your music and TV with you, too.

Honorable Mention:

Airdroid:  Sick of having to plug your tablet into your laptop or tower to transfer files or move things around?  Using any wireless connection (secured preferred goes without saying) you can access your device though a client installed on any computer.  Through this you can transfer files, manage your phone/tablets file system and do a ton of other things.  It's compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and that horrid Chromebook.  You can SMS, use the camera, send a URL to your device to open within that device...the list really goes on and on.

The developer, highly respected XDA, actually has a very active support forum populated with real people.

Airdroid combines a lot of other features from other applications into one...device manager/locator, note keeping, create/change/download ringtones eliminating the need for phone page clutter, and the beat goes on.

Also, an active user community outside of the forum is a great resource:

Help Center:

'Nuff Said.

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