Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Can't Stand Seeing My Friends Share These Fake News Websites Anymore

I love a lot of people I've met here, on Facebook and through friends of mutual friends...

But I can no longer allow myself to be associated with these pap-fed sheep that post fake news articles because it has a headline they so desperately want to be true in order to facilitate their victim-hood and race-card score-keeping.

I am and always have been willing to discuss race with rational people that know the facts, the realities of this dire situation and their ability to understand fact from fiction...but this fake new BS is growing exponentially.

I can no longer sit by and be associated with these folks here. It destroys my time to come here and talk comics, movies, the occasional politics and overall, share funny picture of animals and babies doing stupid things.

The discussion we so badly need on race is being undermined by click-bait, false news some of these people want, NAY, NEED to be true in order to keep their black hearts filled with hatred.

This week I have seen this happen

I cannot stand by, I've tried to point out that this is fake, using you, dividing us and doing EVERYTHING to avoid a true discussion on our race relations...and reach a point where we can come together as Morgan Freeman put it: "I don't see you as a White man, I see you as Chris Wallace. I hope you see me as Morgan Freeman, not a Black Man"

I cannot do your homework anymore...I'm sorry to lose you as a Facebook friends but your ignorance, willful or not, has overridden my desire to cherish you as a Facebook friend and member of future dialogs about our condition and debts to one another, not just one group's debt but our debt to America and to each other to be of one...of one to another.

Some of the most recent examples this week include the following:

Jindal says in order to stop racism, minorities need to act like white people.
Food available in China...yes, that is a human foot. -Missy B


  1. I know what you mean; if I get too many annoying posts come up in my facebook, I just click on "unfollow", and they don't show up. That way, I can still be "friends"/connected with the person but just not see every little thing they post.

    1. My last snopes article was posted when a FB friend posted the following story from

      It stated that Facebook was launching the FDTF, or Facebook Drug Task Force, to stop people from selling and buying drugs through their private messages... and that arrests had already begun the very day they announced its formation.

      I was saddened people are so suckered in to these websites. Especially the Jindal story where he states "All racism would end if everyone acted like white people all the time". You should have seen the outrage...people calling for him to commit suicide, kill his children...

      These people are SO eager for this stuff to be true it's scary.

  2. I tried an experiment yesterday and today...

    The lack of responses either point to my friends being too embarrassed to tell me I posted something stupid...or no one knew what to say...

    I posted this little write up:

    Just checking something out of my own curiosity...

    Did you know the children in the public schools of Holyoke are routinely forced to consume samples of Dihydrogen monoxide????

    They are forced this mixture of chemicals upon them on a daily basis...however our teachers and administrators think nothing of fact, they hand it out at lunch, break time and any time in between.

    I, for one, find this appaling...I was never notified of this mass consumption of this chemical compound before any permission was asked of me...yet it goes on daily here.

    I've never done any kind of petition, however this is beyond the pale and I'm tempted to take action....

    An outraged FB friend posted a link to, a synopsis written in 1990 by a 14 year old examining gullibility.


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