Monday, October 6, 2014

Tom Brady To World, "STFU"

Tom Brady had a Tom Brady game.

After a week of "fans" calling for Brady to be traded and have Jimmy GahhRAHPALAH" take over, Brady and Company took it to the Bengals and hard.

Here, he and Minitron have a bit of fun with the ball...

With the crowd chanting "BRADY! BRADY! BRADY!" he threw a touchdown pass to Wright...

Tom's passing of the 50,000 yard mark came by way of a pass to, who but, Gronowski:

It was great to see one of the top elite quarterbacks in the history of the NFL happy standing behind the podium after the game during his press conference. His happiness and relaxed body language is most likely due to the fact that he actually had time in the pocket without worry of being helicoptered after throwing a pick.

He threw 0 INTs and threw 292 yards tonight, as opposed to two picks and 150 yards.

Great game and right when they needed it. Let's hope it rolls into next week.

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