Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wyatt Earp, John Wayne And How The West Was Wont

"Notoriety had been the bane of my life"
In his latter years, Wyatt Earp was an unpaid consultant to the movie industry in Hollywood.

He would spend his time sipping on a coffee in of the studio mess hall.

Sipping his coffee and talking to a 17 year old apprentice prop master named Marion Morrison.

This Morrison went on to make upwards of about 220 movies under the name John Wayne.

John Wayne once stated that some of his earliest "lawman" characters were based on his conversations with Wyatt Earp.

Said John Wayne to Hugh O'Brien back in his day,  "I knew him... I often thought of Wyatt Earp when I played a film character. There's a guy that actually did what I'm trying to do."

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