Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sean MacDonald & Adam Nagel: 5 Fast Facts

Sean MacDonald & Adam Nagel: 5 Fast Facts |

Obese, borderline rapist, borderline pedo gets his.

Good luck on the rest of your life, morons. :)

Moron Borderline Rapist #1
Brookdale Community College stated:

…the Twitter comments posted by this student are unacceptable and clearly violate the standards of conduct that are expected of all Brookdale students. The student has been summarily suspended and will be scheduled for a conduct hearing where further disciplinary action will be taken. … The Brookdale Police are actively investigating this matter. Our sincerest apologies to Gabby Schilling. Her achievement should be celebrated and not clouded by offensive comments.

The Yankees hired Borderline Rapist Sean MacDonald in January to be a part-time ticket seller.

Jason Zillo, the Yankees’ director of communications, said MacDonald worked only 18 hours for the team.

Zillo confirmed the firing to
We have zero tolerance for anything like this. We’ve terminated him.
His frat said:
…inappropriate and offensive tweets that were posted by an alumnus of Theta Xi Fraternity. We agree wholeheartedly that cyber-bullying is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.